Community Dance Facilitation

Dance Teaching/ Facilitation/ Workshops

・Mar, 2016 : Community Dance workshop for young children, Gifter LABO, Tokyo, Japan

・Mar, Jun, 2014 : Taught Somatic based Dance workshops at Hope University (The Scape)

・Oct- Dec, 2013 : The main facilitator at Azuki Foundation, London
:Facilitated Japanese Arts and Dance Workshop for older people at Claremont Project and St.Luke
・Jan- Jun, 2013 : “Stroke” , organised by The Place and Rosetta Life, London
:Assistant artist at workshops for Stroke patients at The National Neurology Hospital
・Apr, 2013 : Facilitated Bon Dance Workshop at Cherry Blossomed Festival, Alnwick Garden,Alonmouth, UK

・June,2012 : Bon Dance(Japanese folk dance) 5 weeks workshop at Peel Centre, London
:Main facilitator and Collaborated with mu:art, to receive Big Dance Micro Grant.
・Apr, 2012- : Volunteering at Green Wood Dance Class facilitated by Camden Society, London
・Feb, 2012 : “Art of Touch” project organised by Rosetta Life and Trinity Laban
:Assisted dance artist for children creative dance at Richard House Children’s Hospice

・Nov, 2011 : Volunteering at “Step Out Loud Festival” with Corali at Spa school
:Assisted dance artist for learning disability children age 16-17 years old
・Nov, 2011 : Volunteering at Bede House
:Facilitated dance classes for learning disability adult.
・Oct, 2011 :Bon Dance(Japanese folk dance) workshop at Claremont project
:Facilitated Bon Dance class (Japanese dance) for elderly people
・June, 2011 : “Saturday Club Summer Workshop” at Hereford, facilitated by Rosetta Life
:Assisted dance artist for dance workshop for children to enable young carers and young bereaved children age 6-14 years old
・June & Oct 2011:Volunteering for “Demonstrate” facilitated by Corali and Oval House Theatre
:Assisted dance artist for Complex-needs learning disability children age 7-14 years old
・Apr, 2011 : atelier teatro danza, Belluno, Italy
:Taught Contact Improvisation for children age 12-17 years old

・2007-2010 : C.I.N.N. (Contact improvisation dance company) , Tokyo, Japan
:Organise the annual “Tokyo Contact Impro Festival”, Contact Improvisation workshops
・2009-2010 : Open Door Project (NPO), Chiba, Japan
:Responsible for leading dance and workshops in an integrated setting for children age 6 to 10 years old(boy and girls)
・2007-2009 : Shintoku Primary School, Chiba, Japan
:Volunteer teacher for after school dance classes age 10 to 12 years children
・2007-2009 : Creative class teacher, Chiba, Japan
:Contemporary and improvisation classes for all levels
・2007 : Sendai Dance Festival, Sendai, Japan
:Teacher of contact improvisation class to adults of all levels