Self/Not Self

Self / Not Self’ (2015) is her final creative synthesis (Moustakas, 1990) of MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy, heuristic enquiry research project.

Touch is seen as a fundamental therapeutic healing modality in dance movement psychotherapy as a non-verbal communication form. Utilising touch to work with children with severe learning difficulties is an effective approach to support their physiological and psychological needs. In 7 weeks of research, four profound moment of touch were identified as achieving therapeutic dialogue.

I experienced the “dialogue” of touch as a multilayer phenomenon which appeared as inner/external, physical/emotional “dilemmas” of complex juxtaposed information in the intersubjective somatic space.

This is an unpublished research project at Edge Hill University, UK.

Movement Exploration : Ayaka Furukawa
Production & Editing : Ayaka Furukawa and Oscar South
Music : Oscar South “Overtone” (2011)