Performances history

・Nov-Dec, 2017 : 多感覚演劇「アラビアの風にのって」, Tokyo, Japan
Aug, 2017 :OrbitalLink, Tokyo, Japan
June, 2017 : 鳥取夏至祭, Tottori, Japan
・Mar, 2017: 多感覚演劇「森の物語 In a forest」, Tokyo, Japan
・Feb, 2017:  -The Eternal Symphony 2nd move.- SLOW MOVEMENT アカンパニスト出演, Tokyo, Japan
・May,2016:Tokyo Contact Impro Festival 2016, Tokyo, Japan

・Dec, 2015: Overtone, solo performance, Manifold Dance Platform, The Kazimier,Liverpool, UK
・Dec, 2015:gyre+gimble, Tilt Dance, Manifold Dance Platform, The Kazimier, Liverpool, UK
・Oct, 2015: Membrane:u, solo performance based on MA dance movement psychotherapy research, Sense and Diagnosis (exhibition), Chetham’s Library, Manchester, UK
・Oct, 2015: MA, solo performance, Culture Shots 2015, Whitworth Art Gallery and Royal Eye Hospiral, Manchester, UK
・Mar, 2015 : ”□□□” ,solo performance, Threshold Festival, Liverpool, UK
・Feb, 2015 :Solo Performance, music collaborate with Oscar South at Secret Circus Parr Studio 2, Liverpool, UK

・Sep, 2014 :Performed at INK beat #3, 24 Kitchen street, Liverpool, UK
・Sep, 2014 :”□□□” ,solo performance, GoEast exhibition organised by Partia at Aintree Hospital, Liverpool, UK
・Aug, 2014: Improvisation, Adam Benjamin with Ensemble Dance Co, Puppet Theater, Norwich, UK
・April, 2014 : The1st4: DiCTATE, performance score ‘The Slow Death of Jazz Singer”, Liverpool, UK Collaborated with Daniel Mahoney, Video Artist(10,000HRS)
・Mar, 2014 :”Nuntius” (The Scape), Threshold Festival, Liverpool, UK

・Jun, 2013 : “Aomori Aomori: Climate, Body and Soul” choreographed by Sioned Huws,
at Greenwich Dance, London, UK
・May,2013 :”Ad lib.” Choreographed by Anna Kaarina Jussilaine, at Roehampton University Festival 2013, London, UK
・April, 2013 : London Bon Dancers and BuU performed Cherry Blossomed Festival at Alnwick Garden, Alonmouth, UK
・Feb, 2013 : Performed on Alan Titchmarsh Show on ITV, London, UK
・Jan, 2013 : “Yamato-Nadeshiko” choreographed by Ryota Kodera, RK Dance and “In the Beginning” choreographed by Jalianne Li, SurFace Dance,
at Resolution 2013, The Place Theatre, UK

・Oct, 2012 :”Awa-odori” “Hanagasa” Choreographed and performed, Japan Matsuri 2012 at Trafalgar Square in London, UK.
・Jul, 2012 :London Olympics, Performed in the Opening Ceremony, UK
・Jun, 2012 :”Arigato” Choreographed by Marianna Batelli, Marathon of the Unexpected at Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
・Jun, 2012 :Bu U, based on Japanese Bon dance group, performed at Big Dance Bus Dance
・Apr, 2012 :”Arigato” Choreographed by Marianna Batelli the Prospettiva Danza Teatro Competition, Padova, Italy.

・Sep, 2011 :London Bon Dancers, performed on carnival at Themes Festival
・Jun, 2011 :” Movement for Boxes, 7 minutes with Marcel, Broken hard drive, Human slinky” Choreographed by Gary Lambert, Part of “Devising Perfromance Mixed Bill”, Bonny Bird Theatre, London, UK