Somatics / Body-Mind Centering


The word of “Somatic”  has been developed a somatology/ theory by Thomas Hannah in the 70’s. It has became popular in the field of body work, dance and therapy.
A body is not only a physical/material body, it has a perception to sense and emotion from our experience through a life. It is the same idea of Oriental philosophy, “心身一如(body-mind unity).


Body-Mind Centering🄬・・・・

BMC is an experiential anatomical study that we explore through our own body to understand human system. It is a bodywork, technique, approach, somatic education, therapy and knowledge. It has been utilized in different field, such as physical education, nursing, care, psychotherapy, art and dance and so on.

BMC focus on a process of sensing and feeling our inner body to seek embodiment. In order to awakening own body and mind, we use Touch approach. As we believe that touch is one of the dialogues to connect body to mind, and communicate each other . Touch and Move from experience/expression is specialized in BMC.

Somatic Movement Educator (SME) and SME workshop・・・・

Somatic Movement Educator has trained Body-Mind Centering🄬 course and inspired BMC technique to facilitate movement based class. The class material may choose from different body system for participant’s groups.
We facilitate to explain and visualize our human body, to touch or to be touched each other for developing sensory awareness, and guide for meditation or movement from own sensations.
For visualization, we sometimes use art and props.

The class is for all age-range. This class will give you a light of embodiment, understanding ourselves, who you are.